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Our Day

Thinkberry's day begins every morning with the vitamin D boost from the morning sunshine and the sweet sound of chirping birds in the garden. It's the perfect start to the day, as children get to explore the wonders of nature and get accustomed to our environment. Parents also had the opportunity to mingle with their child's teachers, share their hopes and dreams for their little ones, and wave goodbye with a smile, knowing their child is in good hands. What an excellent way to enjoy a day of learning and fun! 

Group time happens every day in each of our classrooms. For children in the early years, it’s their time to come together as a community, talk about the day, and hear a read-aloud.

Every day, children sit down to a meal with healthy fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains.

Our classes spend 20 – 30 minutes outside at least twice daily, weather permitting. Outdoor playtime is big-time fun for busy children as they build on their ever-growing physical skills. TBIP offers different indoor and outdoor areas for play- On-the-go, children are practising coordination and balancing skills and laying the foundation for an active, healthy life.

Group Time

Meals & Snacks

Out Door Time

Registration Time: 07.50-08.20

Start of Circle Time: 08.30

Morning Snack: 08.50

Lunch: 11.30

Half day pick up time: 12.00

Full day pick up time: 15.00


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